Ausdecom maximises asset value while undertaking projects ranging from solitary machinery relocation to full scale factory dismantling. 

Our business follows detailed and carefully drafted procedures, allowing re-sale or
re-purposing of surplus plant or equipment. Drawing from our extensive experience in plant and factory dismantling services across Australasia, our team is focused
on health and safety practices, time management and efficiency.


Ausdecom is a smart, innovative and pragmatic dismantling service contractor offering a complete dismantling solution for the removal of all or part of the plant in
any scale facility.

Our capability

 • Factory Equipment dismantlers, including all aspects of
 the dismantling process including specialist lifting,
 transport and shipping

 • Electrical system dismantling and recycling

 Management of machinery sales and marketing of
 redundant plant in partnership with global machinery
 sales partners.

 • Managing the Relocation of plant, industrial, mining
 and manufacturing systems either between sites or
 from your site to a buyer.

 • Designing, constructing and operating of dismantling
 plans in preparation for large whole of site re-location

  Waste management and optimisation of dismantling
 fleet efficiencies to ensure safe efficient activity across
 all operations.

  On-site dismantling, destruction and hazardous material
 removal from plant (Asbestos, PCB oils and other
 Hazardous materials prior to re-location of destruction

 • Emergency response plant re-location following flood
 fire or other natural or man made disasters.

 • Dust, debris, noise, odour and vibration monitoring
 and control


Global Machinery sale and
scrap metal partners


National scrap and recycling partnerships

Ausdecom has established a range of partnerships with national waste management and recycling entities.
These national relationships allow Ausdecom, and our clients the strategic strength, safety and efficiency of accessing a national network of licensed facility’s
for waste treatment and disposal.



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