Land Remediation

Ausdecom is a safe smart, innovative and pragmatic remediation services contractor.
Our remediation business offers you complete solutions for the clean-up of brown and blackfield sites. Our success is based on innovation, experience and exceptional operational standards.

Our capability

 • Ausdecom can tackle any phase of a site or facility
 remediation project. Our strength is in our  ability to
 undertake on-site remedial treatment, excavation and
 waste segregation processes while focussing on the
 future use of the land.

 • Our team have an integrated understanding of the
 practical approaches to soil contamination management
 including the treatment of hydrocarbons, solvents,
 pesticides, asbestos, lead and other heavy metals as
 part of a separate or integrated site delivery package.

 • We work closely with consultancy or client partners to assist
 in providing practical advice while gaining approvals and
 undertaking contaminant testing.  We specialise in the
 development of contamination and remediation action
 plans and associated statutory approvals management.

 • Where required we are able to prepare and implement
 contaminated site clean-up plans in partnership with
 our clients

 • We Design, construct and operate remedial treatment
 systems for hydrocarbon removal, heavy metals, oils and
 emulsions, coolants, glycols, laboratory wastes and more.

 • Acid Sulphate soil treatment on or off site

 • Waste management and optimisation– removal of waste
 such as radioactive materials, PCBs and friable asbestos
 and other High level contaminated wastes from building
 fabric or soils

 • On-site Recycling and resource recovery

 • Emergency response – management of chemicals
 that pose an immediate threat to communities and
 the natural environment

 • Dust, debris, noise, odour and vibration monitoring
 and control


Contaminant management experience

 • Chemical fixation and stabilisation

 • Bioremediation

 • Systems extraction and material processing

 • Encapsulation

 • Sorting, segregation and processing

National scrap and recycling partnerships



Ausdecom has established a range of partnerships with national waste management and recycling entities.
These national relationships allow Ausdecom and our clients the strategic strength, safety and efficiency of accessing a national network of licensed facility’s for waste treatment and disposal



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