Environmental and Remediaton Services

We have a team of specialists experienced in removing and treating contaminants from sites that have been polluted from industrial, manufacturing, mining, and commercial activities.

Ausdecom environmental services include identification, treatment & removal of hazardous and contaminated waste encompassing but not limited to asbestos, lead, mercury, nitrocellulose, and ammunitions. 

Ausdecom Remediation Services can assess your risk and exposure and help with both professional environmental advice and practical assistance.

Our team of environmental experts can take care of all aspects of environmental remediation to deliver the most cost-effective and practical solution for each venture.

Ausdecom’s remediation division is able to asses your risk and exposure, help with environmental advice and provide practical assistance. With high quality data and relevant information, our team are able to respond to emerging issues in a systematic and cost effective manner.

Ausdecom services include, (but are not limited to):

Soil Remediation

  • Remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soil and PAH impacted soil using methods such as chemical oxidation, heat treatment and catalytic oxidation
  • Remediation of pesticides and PCBs impacted soils using direct thermal desorption technology
  • Remediation of heavy metal and organic impacted soil using bioremediation and stabilisation/fixation.

Water Remediation

Ausdecom can also arrange the removal of contamination from groundwater or surface waters using various remediation approaches.

Asbestos Removal, Transport and Disposal

Ausdecom have two types of licences for asbestos removal:

  • A class (restricted to asbestos in soil)
  • B class asbestos removal

Hazardous Waste Removal
Our team consists of civil and environmental engineers who have extensive experience in the identification, handling and management of hazardous waste residues.

Every project presents a different set of circumstances in terms of localised environmental issues and concerns.

Ausdecom produces a customised Environmental Procedures Plan for each project that details its approach to issues such as noise, dust management, accidental spill procedures and water run-off control. We also consider the proximity of neighbors and waterways, ground type and condition. We understand that managing these factors is a key part of a project’s success and important to the ongoing reputation of all parties involved.

Pollution or contaminants in soil, groundwater, building materials or sediment can be detrimental to demolition and redevelopment projects. Whether you are redeveloping a brown-field site, acquiring land assets or starting from scratch, the management of environmental factors is crucial to avoid short and long term concerns to human health and manage liabilities.

Ausdecom have experience using sophisticated treatment and waste disposal techniques and understand the importance of innovative and sustainable waste management solutions.

We have successfully removed hazardous waste residues from industrial demolition projects and can treat a wide variety of contaminants, including:

  • Hydrocarbons, heavy metals and organic waste
  • Coal tar and ash residues
  • Tailings waste and sediments
  • Asbestos
  • Asbestos impacted soil