Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve successful outcomes from continuously focusing on implementing innovative solutions that reduce our environmental impact while providing exceptional safety, quality outcomes and operate with unbending ethical standards. We are unrelenting in our pursuit to serve our customers, whilst leading and inspiring the next generation in all that we do.

Our Mission

A Better Life for all based on our ethos and commitment to people, safety, quality and service.

Our Values








Diversity & Inclusion


Performance Excellence

Our Pillars

Customer Focussed
Understand how to strategically align around the customer. Realise the Importance of senior leadership. Integrate customer perspectives into everything we do. Engage employees to deliver a branded customer experience. Measure and reward customer experience improvements.
Safety & Quality Assurance
Continuous improvement to existing products, services and processes. Examine ways to leverage technology to accelerate and institutionalise process improvement. Moving innovation from an “outcome” to a business enabler”.
Operational Excellence
Establish operational excellence indicators and metrics to measure performance. Focus on skills, accountability and performance management. Create consistency of purpose and be absolutely clear about our vision, mission, strategy and plans. Set the bar high and look for long-term solutions that provide maximum value to our customers.
Embed climate change considerations into policies, planning and operational practices. Attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce through disadvantaged groups and communities. Commitment to social and sustainable procurement through the goods and services we directly purchase.
Innovative Solutions
Safety Management System functions provide confidence that organisational outputs meet or exceed safety requirements. Integrate learning and enforce corrective actions to deliver continuous improvement. Take measures to improve data control and governance. Established method for document, record and content management.