Onshore Disposal for the Offshore Decommissioning Market

During late life operations of offshore oil and gas infrastructure, when planning for final asset retirement, Ausdecom provide fully managed solutions for the onshore decommissioning disposal phase for all types of installation and subsea infrastructure.
By connecting with key port facilities and landowners near offshore fields, Ausdecom includes provision of port and laydown facility, load-in preparations set down (or trailering) dismantling, and waste management in compliance with the applicable Commonwealth and State regulations.
Ausdecom project manage and supply all aspects of the services required in Step 8 of the below work breakdown. We have the capacity and capability to offer the offshore supply chain certainty when arriving at the chosen ports, through consultation and coordination between the onshore and offshore contractor supply chains, from Steps 6 to 10 to create a seamless operation as the decommissioned assets are transferred to reception facilities.
Our services include:

  • Front end feasibility studies for selection of project specific ports and quaysides
  • Level 2 cost estimation and realistic scheduling of the onshore disposal phase execution
  • Assessment and method selection covering the onshore dismantling and recycling process based on specific offshore removal campaigns
  • Engineering for quayside load-ins, laydown arrangements, and logistics
  • Reuse, repurposing, dismantling, decontamination, recycling, and disposal of all assets in line with hierarchy and circular economy principles
  • Waste Management including, Hazardous and NORM management, in strict adherence with auditable end-to-end tracking processes
  • Environmental Reporting and Project Closure Reports


Ausdecom’s Contracting Strategy

The table below provides an overview of the main differences (and similarities) and where Ausdecom is positioned to manage the onshore disposal phase depending on whether the project is a fixed structure, a subsea installation, or a floating asset:


Contracting strategies and supply chain integration reduces risk, generates predictability, provides HSEQ harmony, and reduces cost. In addition, the knowledge gained from collaboration leads to long term improvements for all stake holders involved.
Ausdecom’s market position compliments our demonstratable in-house project management and operational delivery of complex onshore decommissioning projects. This provides Tier 1 contractors, supply chain partners, and regulators with the confidence that we can self-deliver the onshore disposal services in compliance with all applicable legislation, efficiently and with certainty.

Ausdecom appreciated that proximity to field along with marine access, water depth, quayside and laydown space are key determinants in positioning of an onshore disposal yard for offshore oil and gas asset dismantling and recycling. Ausdecom is promoting a strategic collaborative approach with facility land owners in all the existing Australia wide offshore supply base and servicing locations.

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