The McKellar family has been a pioneer and synonymous for their commitment to environmentally sustainable practices in the construction and recycling industry.


From 1926 to 2013, four generations of the McKellar family have owned, operated and been innovators within the Alex Fraser Group. Together they established Alex Fraser as a leader in Industrial Demolition, transforming power stations, gas works and oil refineries, with a focus on re-use and recycling. In late 2006 the McKellar Group sold 51% of Alex Fraser to John Swire and Sons (JSS) with the remaining 49% acquired in 2011.

Two years on, JSS closed down the demolition services division of Alex Fraser. Jamie and his son, Sam McKellar, both with significant demolition and environmental decommissioning experience, re-entered the industry, by establishing a new business known as Australian Decommissioning Services Pty Ltd (Ausdecom).

Equipment and key personnel was secured to Ausdecom from the former Alex Fraser demolition business, ensures the company has a significant set of experienced decommissioning, demolition, dismantling, waste management and environmental remediation project managers, site managers and operators.

Today, Ausdecom remains true to its origins with a focus on its people, putting safety first, striving for efficiency and sustainable techniques. Sam McKellar leads a pragmatic Ausdecom team, backed by the core values and operational discipline established by the McKellar family.