Safety, the key to success


We enforce the highest on-site occupational health, safety and environmental standards at all levels.

Ausdecom is genuinely committed to providing a safe, risk free environment for all. The benefits of a safe working environment are mutual to Ausdecom, our employees and our clients with an increase in job satisfaction, higher morale and increased productivity.

Our enduring safety record is maintained by a disciplined and systematic approach to the fundamentals of safety, which is underpinned by a cultural belief that all accidents are preventable.

Ausdecom’s safety system incorporates mandatory pre-planning and task orientated safety analysis, as every project presents a different set of circumstances, issues and concerns. Customised Work Plans and Procedures are developed to take into account local factors that will influence, or have a potential to, affect an activity. We conduct a Safety Analysis for all high risk tasks which is supported by detailed standard operating procedures.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and daily pre-start meetings, form the vital link in the consultation process and ensure any changes to work conditions are identified, reviewed and amended as required.


Decommissioning Services


From initial project inception to completion, Ausdecom can help advise Clients through the different stages of the decommissioning process. This includes services ranging from front end feasibility studies, budget costing and realistic scheduling of a project to appraisals and risk assessments on the different options of demolition, dismantling or partial deconstruction.  Click here to find out more…


Environmental Services


We have a team of specialists experienced in removing and treating contaminants from sites that have been polluted from industrial, manufacturing, mining, and commercial activities. Click here to find out more…


Recycling Services


We receive and recycle more than 500,000 tonnes per annum of construction and demolition wastes such as concrete, brick, rock, ferrous and non-ferrous metals through our recycling facilities. We also offer mobile recycling services for large and remote sites.  Click here to find out more…