We pride ourselves on matching the right people with the right job.

We support the ambitions, dreams & goals of our employees to further their career by creating opportunities for growth.
If you’re successful in joining the Ausdecom team, you will be joining a team where creativity, diversity and innovation are encouraged.
We seek individuals who feel passionate about our values and are motivated to build a career with us.

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If you are interested in joining the Ausdecom team but do not see a suitable vacancy please email us


Flexible work arrangements

We understand by offering flexible working arrangements in the workplace allows personal choice which in return creates loyalty, commitment, and better productivity overall. We strive to offer our employees a sustainable and valuable work/life balance that works for both Ausdecom and the employee and their families. We recognize different needs are required for each individual and the various business units across the business. All our employees can at any time request adjustments to too their working arrangements which in turn will be individually assessed by the direct Manager and Senior Manager of the relevant business unit.


Diversity and Inclusion

We support and encourage diversity and inclusiveness in our workplace. Women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people from disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to apply for all roles advertised within our brand.


Benefits of working for Ausdecom

Our people are strength, and we like to reward our team.
Some of the benefits we offer:
• Competitive salary
• Employee Assistance Program
• Paid Parental Leave (PPL)
• Flexible & remote working opportunities
• Upskilling, training and development



We consider each application on an individual base and position.



Are you considering becoming an Apprentice, Trainee or possibly already studying and would be interested in a Cadetship?

We encourage you to submit a resume or call us to discuss our current opportunities. Here at Ausdecom we value diversity and inclusion and offer a range of positions which include:-

* Trades

* Technical & Engineering

* Drivers

* Operators

* Administration & Finance

* Project Management

Full Workplace Training and Mentoring is provided, please forward written applications to: or call us on 03 9369 0010


The Recruitment Process 


Online Applications

The first step in the recruitment process is your online application. Your online application should provide information about your professional and educational background to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for the role. It is also important that you take the time to read the advert carefully to ensure that you display that your experience and skills match the selection criteria.


Cover Letter

A cover letter is your selling tool to showcase why you are the best candidate for the role. This is your chance to explain and show how your prior work experience; knowledge; skills and strengths make you the best candidate for the position.
A good cover letter should be no more than one page long; targeted to the position; clear and concise and maintains a professional and positive writing tone.



A resume is your personal advertisement, your chance to stand out from the crowd. Make sure that in your resume you provide a summary of your employment history, educational background and skills. Your resume should demonstrate how your skills; knowledge; strengths and professional work experience matches the position you are applying for. Take out details that are not relevant to the position you are applying for and emphasise the skills that match the position.
Ensure your resume is structured appropriately and contains the following information:
• Contact details: Name; address; telephone numbers and email address.
• Career Summary: A few sentences describing your professional work history e.g. I am an enthusiastic Plant Operator with over three years of experience in the demolition industry.
• Education: Details and dates of your education, training and/or study achievements
• Skills: A few dot points highlighting your major skills 
• History: Starting from your most recent position: Title, Company and specific dates you worked there
• Duties: A few dot points describing the duties you performed in the role
• References: Two work references


Phone Screens

The phone screen is a short 15 to 30 minute phone interview with a member from the recruitment team, who will provide you with the details of the recruitment process and expected time frame.


Behavioral Interviews

We pride ourselves in matching the right person to the right job. To help us select the right person, we undertake behavioral interviewing. Behavioral interviewing allows us to determine how a candidate will perform their duties based on their prior behavior in the workplace.
To prepare for an interview it is suggested that you:
Create a good first impression: Dress for the occasion and act in a professional manner. Ensure you arrive on time and have prepared any documentation required.
Research the business and role: Take the time to understand the working environment of our business and the role. Prepare for any likely questions you may be asked.
Structure your responses: Think about the question before jumping to a response; structure your responses by describing the situation, what action you undertook and the result.


Pre-employment Medicals

A pre-employment medical examination will be required if you are successful in gaining a position. The medical examination will be conducted at our cost at one our nominated medical center’s. A member from the recruitment team will discuss this process with you prior to being invited to the pre-employment medical examination.


Unsuccessful Candidates

We receive a large volume of applications for each position. Due to the vast number of applications, unsuccessful candidates will be notified via email of their outcome.
Candidates who are unsuccessful during the final stage of the recruitment process will be contacted by email or phone to advise. If you are require specific feedback, you can contact  the recruitment team.


Resume Template

If you don’t have a resume you can download a free resume template below.

Resume Template



Our Vision 


To achieve successful outcomes from continuously focusing on implementing innovative solutions that reduce our environmental impact while providing exceptional safety, quality outcomes and operate with unbending ethical standards. We are unrelenting in our pursuit to serve our customers, whilst leading and inspiring the next generation in all that we do.



Our Mission


A better life for all based on our ethos and commitment to people, safety, quality and service.