Tonne Scrap Metal Recycled


Tonne Concrete Recycled


Tonne fill Imported

Project Summary


Summary Demolition & Site Wide Remediation
Client Toyota Motor Corporation Australia
Schedule 12 Months (2020)
Location Altona North, VIC, Australia
Outline Mobilisation and demobilisation of plant and equipment and removal of hazardous process materials.

Scope of Work Completed

Mobilisation and demobilisation of plant and equipment and removal of hazardous process materials.
Demolition, removal and recycling of Press Shop Building including main structure and all containing plant and equipment (cranes etc) between 2020 and 2021.
18,000m2 Asbestos super 6 sheet roof removal including removal of 349 tonnes of asbestos waste.
Removal of residual oils.
Removal of all construction and demolition waste (general waste, scrap, concrete etc).
Demolition, removal and recycling of all concrete including slabs, foundations, pits and UG services.


Works Included:

  • On site soil abatement program
  • Import and placement of 38,400 tonnes approved fill which was compacted under Level 2 Geotechnical supervision
  • Removal and recycling of 22,000 tonnes of concrete from slab and foundation infrastructure including scrap tunnel and pit network
  • 20,000m2 Structural Building Demolition Area including civil infrastructure removal


“The Toyota Corporate Property Team are proud to call Ausdecom a partner! Since engaging Ausdecom in 2018, they have partnered with us at our Altona site transforming the previous manufacturing facility into a true “Centre of Excellence”. The reason we are so proud to call Ausdecom a partner is because of their passion for safety and the environment above all else. This philosophy resonated with Toyota when we first engaged Ausdecom in our initial works and saw them staying on to decommission more than 50,000m2 of our site and win the complete package of works at the Altona site. When it came to decommissioning there was only Ausdecom! During their time working with Toyota, Ausdecom have undertaken demolition and remediation works over a number of project stages for TMCA between 2018 and 2020. The press shop demolition project completed between September 2020 and October 2021 was the final stage of the demolition campaign at the Altona Site. The Press Shop demolition works involved removal of the above ground building structure, including roof and walls containing asbestos, as well as the below ground civil infrastructure consisting of a scrap pit and tunnel network. During the works Ausdecoms’ communication, advice and support showcased their exceptional skill, knowledge, and quality workmanship. Throughout the project Ausdecom demonstrated innovative solutions, transparency, reliability, and a commitment to safety in every aspect of their work. Ausdecom truly partner with their clients to deliver outstanding results through teamwork and respect.  When it comes to demolition works, Toyota could not provide a more glowing endorsement! On behalf of Toyota, “Thank You:” for all your hard work and making our dreams of creating a ‘Centre of Excellence’ at Altona come true.”

Luke Martin (TMCA representative)