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Project Summary

Summary Figee Crane Dismantle & Redundant Hopper Demolition
Client Geelong Port
Schedule 5 Weeks (2022)
Location Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Outline Ausdecom dismantled two redundant wharf loading cranes and hoppers with limited access within a live operating Port facility.
Outcome The project was completed on time for successful berth handover to the client with no safety or environmental incidents.

Scope of Work Completed

The project involved the dismantle and demolition of two 300T Wharf cranes, two 55T hoppers and crane bucket attachments. Works were completed over a five-week period utilising specialist demolition and mobile lifting equipment.
There were many challenges faced throughout the project, such as the protection of the existing asphalt wharfs surfaces and limited load bearing capacities of the wharf within Geelong Ports facility that were required to be maintained throughout the demolition process. As part of the dismantle project it was critical that the correct equipment was selected that would generate the lowest possible ground bearing pressures while still having enough capacity to lift each component safely.
Our demolition structural engineers undertook detailed 3D modelling of each wharf crane component to be dismantled to determine the accurate weights of each lift whilst concurrently determining the cranes overall stability during and after each lift.
Each component was systematically rigged, separated, lifted, and lowered into the designated processing area for downsizing. A 36T excavator on rubber track pads and demolition shear attachement were utilised to reduce each component into transportable sizes for removal from site. A 20T excavator with Oilquick coupler system was utilised to segregate and load all equipment into semi tippers, and transported back to our scrap recycling facility for further processing.
All work were undertaken without shutting down the adjacent live operating port facility as this would have led to significant disruption to import and export activities.


Works Included:

  • Safely engineering and completing the methodical separation and lifting of each Figee crane component using a 350 ton crawler crane.
  • For the removal of Boom and Main Superstructure due to the weight and size of the components and tight access Ausdecom utilised oth a 350T Crawler and a 450T mobile crane to complete this segment of the works
  • Mechanical demolition of two 50T Hoppers were also completed whilst onsite