cubic meters hazardous waste materials removed


ltrs dust suppression water treated and reused


man hours

Project Summary

Summary Site Remediation
Client EPA
Schedule 2 Years 2020-2022
Location Lara, VIC, Australia
Outline Remediate the former recycling site.
Outcome Investigated, categorised and safely removed over 286,000 cubic meters hazardous waste materials from the site.

Scope of Work Completed

In May 2020, EPA Victoria awarded Ausdecom the contract to remediate the former C&D Recycling site at 300-400 Broderick Rd, Lara. The works have seen Ausdecom investigate, categorise and safely remove over 286,000 cubic meters hazardous waste materials from the site. This has included contaminants ranging from asbestos, heavy industrial chemicals, general construction and demolition wastes and clean brick, rubble concrete for off-site recycling. Removal of this material was managed in accordance with strict WorkSafe controls. 

Controls were placed to mitigate site impacts, such as dust. These included:

  • high volume water and fog cannons, to wet the pile down
  • exclusion zones set up for all works
  • personal protective equipment (PPE) for all employees on site air quality monitoring along all fence boundaries and additional monitoring at exclusion zones and within the work area
  • monitored by an independent occupational hygienist
  • truck washing including a wheel wash system for vehicles leaving the site
  • capture, recycling and on-site reuse of dust suppression and dampening down water

In addition to these controls, the waste was:

  • removed from the site in EPA-permitted trucks, in line with strict WorkSafe controls
  • transported to landfills licensed to accept asbestos and other contaminated material
  • tracked to its destination by both Ausdecom and EPA

Ausdecom’s team are experienced in managing asbestos and other hazardous materials contained in construction and demolition waste.

We had security monitoring the site 24/7 with CCTV and infrared cameras. Works were continually assessed and managed onsite to control any potential dust being produced during the works. Ausdecom worked closely daily with EPA Victoria to monitor all the controls onsite.



Works Included:

  • 286,000 cubic meters of hazardous waste safely removed
  • Over 6,000,000 ltrs of dust suppression water treated and reused on site
  • Zero detection of airborne asbestos fibres above detectable limits
  • Over 60,000 man hours with zero incidents