Tonne of materials removed from site and recycled for scrap.


25m towers collapsed


week completion

Project Summary

Summary LPG Plant Demolition
Client AGL Gas
Schedule 12 Weeks
Location Kurnell, NSW, Australia
Outline Dismantling, decontamination and removal of materials.
Outcome Completed dismantling, decontamination and removal of materials from a large hazardous facility in 12 weeks.

Scope of Work Completed

Complete dismantling, decontamination and removal of materials from a large hazardous facility that required a sensitive approach to decommissioning & demolition works.
The decommission works included the dismantle, salvage, removal and disposal of a Hydrocarbon Plant. The high risk nature of the plant required specialist handling of hazardous materials that were present, activities within confined spaces and work conducted in permit conditions.
Our team isolated the site and disconnected HCE from the plant and clear boundary of the demolition zone was put in place.
An environmental plan was implemented throughout the scope of works to manage the storm water, emissions from site, soil erosion and contamination of water or product during transport.


Works Included:

  • Controlled collapse of three 25m towers
  • Dismantling and resale of pumps, motors, compressors, LPG tank, site cooling towers ancillary industrial equipment and a large gas turbine
  • The project included many high risk tasks in the hazardous environment, with specialised equipment mobilised to site, hot works requiring permits systems and the controlled collapse of large vertical towers
  • As much as 1,500t of materials removed from site and 800t recycled for scrap