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Tonne Concrete Recycled


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Project Summary

Summary Pellet Plant Demolition
Client Arrium Mining (One Steel)
Schedule 4 Months (2014)
Location Whyalla, South Australia, AUSTRALIA
Outline Ausdecom dismantled a series of redundant conveyors, storage bins and a decommissioned dryer at the Pellet Plant in Whyalla.
Outcome This Project was the winning Contract at the World Demolition Awards (Contract Under $1.5 million) in Amsterdam in November 2014.

Scope of Work Completed

Over two phases, 10,000 man hours and specialist equipment, works included the controlled collapse and safe salvage of large, long and elevated plant and equipment.
All work was undertaken without shutting down the manufacturing facility as this would have led to significant financial loss to our client.
The task of dismantling and removing the redundant conveyors, bins and dryer was identified as a high risk task and Ausdecom was awarded the contract, due to having a proven track record of safely executing such tasks.



Works Included:

  • Safely engineering and completing the 90 ton dryer lift using the grove 500 ton mobile crane within narrow time restraints as to not interfere with the operating pallet plant;
  • Controlled collapse of four product storage silos within the confined operating area;
  • Controlled cutting and lifting of eight large elevated product transfer conveyors.


“Through their professionalism in the removal of redundant equipment,

they demonstrated what can only be described as their inherent and absolute

commitment to safety in every aspect of their work.”

Derick Martins (OneSteel representative)