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Tonne Contaminated Soil Removed

Project Summary

Summary Site Remediation
Client Toyota
Schedule 3 Months
Location Port Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Outline Removal of redundant underground assets.
Outcome Removal of 7 x underground fuel tanks (USTs) and pipework, along with associated contaminated soil.

Scope of Work Completed

In September 2023, Ausdecom commenced site remediation of a Toyota facility in Port Melbourne.
Ausdecom were engaged to remove the redundant underground assets including 7 x underground fuel tanks (USTs) and pipework, along with associated contaminated soil.
The scope of works required Ausdecom to provide a turnkey solution that included sampling and validation of soils and excavations.
Throughout the works Ausdecom, with supporting suppliers, located and removed both known and undocumented sources of contamination including additional USTs and asbestos.
In addition, to enable a fit for purpose solution, our team successfully designed and upgraded the sites drainage system.


“Ausdecom were professional with the set-up and management of the site and safety on Toyota’s property.

They always communicate very well and are receptive to our needs, even as they sometimes change through the project’’

Craig Tubb, Toyota, Project Manager

Works Included:

• Removal of 7 underground storage tanks (UST)
• Removal and validation of contaminated soil surrounding USTs
• Disposal of 8,000 Litres of redundant fuel from USTs
• Disposal of 1,100 Tonne of contaminated soil
• Abatement of asbestos cement sheet fragments from 600T of soil
• Backfill of 682m3 of crushed rock
• Backfill of 206m3 of stabilised sand for Geotech stabilisation at base of excavations prior to backfill of rock
• Installation of 450m2 of asphalt pavement
• Installation of 250m2 of concrete pavement